About this blog

Welcome to my blog.

I keep this blog because I like to write, and because I like to publish photographs.

I will choose my moments to write about what is in my head. Or I might post a few photos. Whatever.

This blog is not a showcase. It is not meant to be polished. It is a strongly filtered selection of thoughts and responses and recounts.

I hope you enjoy, but I don’t mind too much if you don’t.

About me

My name is Dave Sharpe. I’m a husband to Beth, and a dad to Eva and Noah. We are from West Yorkshire, but as of the summer of 2016, we live on the south coast of the UK, in Christchurch.

I’m the pastor of Christchurch Christian Centre, an Elim Pentecostal church. It’s a massive privilege to preach the Word of God week in week out, and to pastor His people. You can find our website at christchurchchristiancentre.org.