What a day. We arrived back home early afternoon, which is a record in terms of getting home after a long time away. Usually we arrive in time for the kids’ bed time, which is no good to anyone and creates rush and stress. But we had plenty of time to get a little more sorted this afternoon. Tired children, yes. Lots to do, but more time to do it.

This evening I’ve been finishing off my sermon for tomorrow morning. I’ll be preaching from James 5:16 – depending on the version, “the effective prayer of a righteous person avails much.”

And now to iron some clothes for the morning and sleep.

In other blogging news, I am liking the idea of blogging every day, with such thoughts as the above. It may not be interesting for anybody else, but experience tells me that for my benefit it is useful to look back on posts like this.

Regular blogging may mean that occasionally something of value does get typed up and published. But it may mean sifting through a lot of seemingly random drivel first.

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