Spirit-empowered prayer

2020 at Christchurch Elim is starting with a focus on prayer. I’m sure that is the case with many churches. This year is an exciting year, if only because of the fact that 2020 is a “nice” number. 20. 20. 2020 vision. I’m steering clear of that one, tempting though it is to leverage as much cheese as possible from it.

But there does seem a fresh expectancy, despite the attractiveness of the number 2020. God is continuing to work, and it seems as though momentum is picking up. The prayers of 2019 and before were certainly not wasted. We are getting closer to something big. Perhaps something bigger than anybody has ever witnessed in the course of history.

It is true, because Jesus said it, that Jesus is building His church. Our primary responsibility as Christians is to stick as close to Him as we possibly can. If we do, we will find ourselves being used by Him to bring about His will.

And so we are praying. As a church we are praying. Last Sunday I spoke on the fact that “the effective prayer of a righteous person is powerful”, or, “avails much” (James 5:16).

The New Testament Greek word translated “effective” is energeo, which has the meaning of the supernatural power of God at work to produce results.

It is an encouragement for God’s people to seek the Holy Spirit’s enabling and empowering in our prayers. Not to just jump into our prayer lists “dry” as it were, but to firstly immerse ourselves in His presence. Ask Him to fill us. Listen to His voice before we talk. Ask Him to guide us. Pray in tongues.

Seeking the empowering of the Spirit in our prayers is going to be a very significant part of our lives in 2020.

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